Opera Software announced last February 18 that Smart Communication, Inc. (SMART) has selected Opera Mini to bring the Web to SMART mobile phone subscribers. Opera Mini 4 and Opera Mini 5 will be officially available for over-the-air (OTA) download from SMART websites, or will come pre-installed on Smart devices. The Smart customized version of OM4 and OM5 features special mobile website that load load quickly with just a few clicks of the keypad.


I was shocked last night when I open my OM5 after charging my phone. There is the SMART sponsored icon above the word Opera-Mini. The speed dial (bookmark) also changed. Instead of myOPERA,the Smart; Wikipedia, there is the Friendster and the Inquirer website is also present.

And I searched Google about this incident and I discovered about the press release of Opera Software. Wap community sites are confused about this so I decided to it here to and share it to others.


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  1. KARIN CABE says:

    post it here and share to others! I’m posting this using mobile phone only. Sorry

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